Bikes The Movie

Bikes The Movie
Premiere, 15 th of March 2019

bikes the movie made parts in spain
bikes the movie made parts in spain


BIKES transmit a message of care for the environment and fight against pollution

Filmax has released the official teaser trailer for Bikes, which is already seen in some cinemas. Recall that Bikes was the first co-production project between Spain and China in history.

This adventure with an environmental message from a group of bikes is nominated for the Goya Award.

Bikes has been directed by Manuel Javier García and has a script by Michael Mauer (specialist in tv series of drawings such as Scooby Doo or Jorge the Curious). It will arrive in Spanish cinemas on March 15, and in May it will land in China.

What is about?

Welcome to Spocksville, a great place to live, work and have fun. Located at some point of the C.V. between beautiful mountains, forests and rivers. Spocksville is a somewhat different population; the place is completely populated by … Anthropomorphic Bikes. You will meet SPEEDY, our incredible protagonist: a fast, brave and, in short, adorable mountain bike, whose history constitutes the narrative core of Bikes. His best friends are Piñón, a STREET or URBAN bicycle, GASSY a nice air pump that runs the city’s workshop, and MONTANA, a daring little girl, intelligent, beautiful and without fear to say what she thinks, she might also be interested in SPEEDY.

Spocksville is a magical and multicolored city, the air is clean and the atmosphere unpolluted.

Life is idyllic for citizens, until one day a device that had not been heard, the gasoline explosion engine reaches the city. What follows is an exciting and fun adventure that transforms SPEEDY into the involuntary leader of an activist movement that goes against the gasoline engine and its inducers the brothers Rómulo and Remo, owners of the bank of Spocksville and their protégé and local champion ROCK.

Will the future of Spocksville belong to the gasoline engine or to the revolutionary new sustainable technology that the old wise and Chinese inventor Mr. Cahn develops in secret? The decision is summarized in a dramatic bike race that will decide the future of the city.

Will SPEEDY succeed and improve things? See the answer in the cimema.

Bikes Gains Ground