Bike Birding

Bike Birding is another way to observe and photograph birds from exclusive spots in their own natural environment.

Photograph Vultures during the bird biking tour in Tarifa

Bike Birding tours in and around Tarifa
Time of year: March, April, September, October

Route 1: Big Bird Tour
Distance: 35 – 50 km
Height meters: 600 meters
Terrain: coastal mountain, stones, gravel
All year round

This is a very nice route to bike along the strait of Gibraltar, we pass various observations post and abandoned military camps, also called the smugglers trail.
Bird migration is observed and recorded on this stretch of coast. From here we go up the mountains where we can observe the mighty Griffon Vulture, Bonelli’s Eagles and more birds in their own natural environment

Route 2: La Janda
Distance: 50 – 60 km
Height meters: 200
Terrain: flat (some hills), gravel, road
All year round. (Because of the heat, No tours during july and august)

You do not have to be an experienced mountainbiker, but a good cycist to bike this route. This route leads us through the beautiful south flat wetlands of La Janda.

The lake of La Janda used to be one of the most important and extensive wetlands in the Iberian Peninsula. After being dried out in the 1960s it was turned into a huge farming area. La Janda Wetland shows a great diversity of habitats as a result of the different uses of the same over time. Today, we find large pastures, an important and unusual wild olive grove, rain fed crops, paddy fields and canals with marsh vegetation that make this site ideal to welcome millions of birds through the different seasons.

The strategic situation, being at the southern end of Europe and close to Africa, makes this place a paradise of great ecological interest: here, birds must stop to have a rest and to recover before or after their trip across the Strait of Gibraltar. The area is a hunting ground, so there are many birds of prey around. During winter, it is common to see Spanish Imperial Eagles, Bonelli’s Eagles, Hen Harriers, Short-eared Owls and the rare Pallid Harrier. At this time, a high number of Common Cranes, Black Storks, Lapwings, Golden Plovers, and even the exlusive Bittern, are frequently seen around these fields. In summer and spring, we may find birds like the Montagu’s Harrier, the Collared Pratincole, and the Common Quail, together with all year round residents like the Purple Swamphen, the Black-winged Kite and the Glossy Ibis
(source: birding tarifa)

Bike Birding In Tarifa Photo HNK MTB Tarifa
Bike Birding In Tarifa Photo HNK MTB Tarifa

What is bike birding:
Bike birding is another way to observe and photograph birds from exclusive spots in their own natural environment in Tarifa

Birdwatching in their own natural environment

For who is bike birding?
Cycling birdwatchers looking for adventure and exclusive spots in a natural park to photograph birds

Why birding with mountainbikers?
Mountain bikers and birds share the same passion for freedom. They know the area, love for nature and experience bird life in a different way.  It also offers the possibility to know an area better and observe birds from exclusive spots in the nature park, instead of from a regular observation post.

What kind of camera lens do i bring with me on a bike birding tour?
Camera lens of 75 mm up to 300 mm and a  lightweight tripot

How do i transport my camera and tripod during a bike birding tour?
Use a small one camera bag of thick material to protect against the sun. The tripod you can tied up under the camera bag or camelbak

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