What To Expect

A mountainbike area which exceeds all expectations.

Cross Country, Single Tracks,  Downhill, Enduro, Coastal and Mountain trails.

Not that surprising when you consider that Tarifa is one of the most spectacular places in the world, located at the southernmost point of Spain and Europe at the Strait of Gibraltar, 16.5 km from continent Africa, surrounded by mountains and two Natural Parks, Los Alcornocales and El Estrecho.
An incredibly beautiful bike scenery.

The southernmost point of continental Europe
Tarifa Southernmost point of continental Europe

What you can expect if you choose Tarifa as a bike holiday destination?

Great sports atmosphere, lovely historical town, spectacular beaches and an unforgettable cycling experience. Trails (coastal or mountain) that we like to bike, surrounded by the unique flora and fauna of Natural Park of Los Alcornocales, always spectacular views over the strait of Gibraltar and North African coastline, interesting climbs, awesome downhill’s, routes for the experienced mountain biker and beginner.

Happy Trails Happy Bikers in Tarifa
Happy Trails Happy Bikers in Tarifa

The local bike shops representing bike brands as Cannondale, Mondraker, Specialized, Shimano, etc. . They offer technical service, sales of bicycle accessories like clothing and footwear for cyclists.

Good Food and Outdoor Sports.

Tarifa food is rich in protein and vitamins. Our cuisine is based on the use of local ingredients and varies, depending on seasons. Fish like tuna or voraz or Iberian pig etc. all prepared in different ways. Vegetables and fruits come straight from the land around Tarifa. Healthy rich in vitamines food for better performance.

Tapa of Café del Mar Tarifa
Tapa of Café del Mar Tarifa

There are many nice restaurants and tapas bars in Tarifa, where you can enjoy a delicious meal (incl. Gluten Free) or tapas on a sunny terrace in a friendly andalusian ambience after a scenic route.

Mtb Zone Tarifa and Pelayo. Opposite Africa.
Mtb Zone Tarifa and Pelayo. Opposite Africa.

A fantastic and attractive place to go mountain biking, where  the wind is blowing and surf lifestyle dominates. The choice of routes and kind of terrain are varied, depend on skills and fitness.

Beautiful Lovel tarifa. Never A Dull Moment!
Beautiful Lovely Tarifa. Never A Dull Moment!

Bike Holiday in Tarifa

Mountain Bike week in Tarifa


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