Andalucia Bike Race 2014

The 4th edition of Andalucía Bike Race will take place from 23rd to 28th of February 2014 in the provinces of Jaén and Córdoba, in inverse order to the previous years.

Last year 676 participants from 28 different countries started, numbers that will be exceeded in this new edition, which has increased up to 800 riders (400 teams).

Andalucia Bike Race 2014.
Andalucia Bike Race 2014.


Due to the race’s growth and to be able to host all the infrastructure and staff it requires, the two paddock’s locations will also change:

• Jaén: IFEJA. Provincial Fairs and Exhibitions Ground of Jaén.
• Córdoba: UCO. University of Córdoba. Rabanales campus.

The paddock will have numerous services available; mechanical, bicycle wash and guarded parking, toilets, canteen, physiotherapy, expo area, room for teams, etc. Its exact location can be checked on the official website, in the Venues section.


Therefore, there will be no official hotels where the competition will concentrate. The Accommodation booking can be done through the official website according to the following dates:

• Jaén: until Tuesday 25th of February 2014.
• Córdoba: from Tuesday 25th of February 2014.

Andalucia Bike race 2014 Cordoba - Jean.
Andalucia Bike race 2014 Cordoba – Jean.


All stages are circular, starting and ending at the same place. The third stage, a transition between Jaén and Córdoba, will also be circular but will require a morning (from Jaén) and afternoon (to Córdoba) transfer.

The organisation will not provide transportation of any means, hence it is recommendable to have personal transportation, which can also be arranged together with the accommodation. It will also be useful to get around back and forth between the Paddock and the hotel. Remember that you must be able to transport both your luggage and your bicycle!

Any issue regarding your trip is carried out by Viajes El Corte Inglés travel agency. Please contact them to arrange your trip

• E-Mail:
• Phone number: (0034) 976 469 628.


The registrations, which last year sold out during the first period, are still available:

• Until the 1st of December 2013: 780 € per team.
• From December 2nd until the 10th of January 2014: 1.060 per team.

During the registration process, the additional services can also be hired:

• TechBox: a big box in which you can deposit spare parts, clothes, bottles, etc., accessible half way through each stage.
• Physiotherapy: six daily treatments of 30 or 60 minutes to improve your recovery.
• Luggage transport: avoids having to carry around the excess luggage such as the bicycle box/bag.

Have you registered already?


Source: Andalucia Bike Race.

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