What to bring with you in the mountain bike saddle bag

Alcohol or Betadine, to clean wounds and tyraps. Sometimes forgotten but oh so handy.

Most important to enjoy mountain biking is to have confidence in your bike. If my bike is Ok, only then I can concentrate on cycling, have fun and push the limits. I often come on paths that lead nowhere and before you know you are in conversation with a goat while smiling vultures circling overhead… so-called “explore situations”.

What to bring in my mountain bike saddle bag.
What to bring in my mountain bike saddle bag.

Be independent and prepared for anything when you make a discovery journey on your own. I mean to say, when you ride (like I have done recently) the unknown downhill with too much enthusiasm go over the head… in the middle of nowhere.

Dirty infected unclean wound
Dirty infected unclean wound

Second of reflection, stand up straight, look at the damage, pick up the bike 250 meters away and clean the wound!

And that’s the point, immediately cleaning of the wound.

Bring Alcohol or Betadine with you in the mtb saddle bag
Bring Alcohol or Betadine with you in the mtb saddle bag

The areas where we bike are full of dirt. So when you crash, be catapulted and headbang 20 meters over this kind of terrain, while you’re bicycle flies over your head, it is advisable to make immediately the wound clean before an infection occurs.

The areas where we bike are full with all kind of dirt
The areas where we bike are full with all kind of dirt

This is what I bring in my saddle bag:

New tire and patch kit (one mini tube of clue, 0.0001 m2 shaving paper, one small and one big patch).

– Tire Levers, one is enough when you are strong. Otherwise bring a set of 3.

Multi Tool, handy for potential fixes or adjustments you face while on the road.

Tyraps to solve simple damage.
Tyraps to solve simple damage

– Tyraps one or two, handy if something must be tied up.

– Energybar. After a fall, it is nice to take a sweet bite.

– Seat post clamp, extra.

– Betadine or alcohol towels to clean any wounds, to reduce / avoid the chance of infection.

– Sterile bandage and one absorbent gauze.

– Telephone number of local police, forester and hospital (in case).

– Emergencies 112 (Spain)

Total weight approx. 600 gram.

In my Camelbak:

– 3 ltr. Water

– Banana and energy bars.

– Extra clothing, warm shirt.

– Mobile telephone with charged battery! Turn On, Save energy!

– Pump. What to do without air!

– Stickers of MtbTarifa.

Betadine capsule or alcohol towel and tyraps, takes no extra space, prevent a lot of problems and you can help others. If you ride tubeless bring a inner tire with you.

Have a good ride.



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