30 Kilometers Of Fun

At The Southernmost Point Of Europe, Tarifa.

This route has everything we want in 30 kilometers, nice climbs and descents, rough terrain and nature, amazing views across the strait of Gibraltar, silence and high concentration when you cross at full speed a patio or have to escape for the dogs.
Some parts of the trail are old paths constructed by the Romans and you will pass some old military buildings.

30 km of pure mountain biking.
30 km of pure mountain biking.

El Pelayo is situated between Tarifa and Algeciras (14 km from Tarifa). From El Pelayo start different mtb routes, easy parking and after a scenic route (Food!), we recommend to go for tapas and enjoy the spanish cuisine at Bar Boris. A cozy little bar which serves the tastiest tapas (Grandmother´s recipes) and other local dishes. Very popular among local mountain bikers.

Bar Boris, El Pelayo
Bar Boris, El Pelayo

Part of the 30 km route. View to Africa.

Mountain Biking At The Strait Of Gibraltar
Mountain Biking At The Strait Of Gibraltar
  1. Distance: 30 Km.
  2. Time: Aprox., 2.20 hr.
  3. Elevation Gain: 646 m.
  4. Elevation Loss: 642 m.

GPS http://connect.garmin.com/course/5328020

Video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1439873706226823 To  give you an idea of the kind of terrain.

Have A Good Ride.



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