Ride Where The Locals Ride

Climbing with a locked full suspension, once on top of the mountain we have a choice of different downhill routes… What we want, to feel our full suspension!

Like the most of us, I started with a hardtail (Kona 1989) and if you ride every day, you make a positive development and you push your limits. I switched to a full suspension at the moment I saw the back of my bike dancing beside me, while I cycled on a goat path trying not to hit a tree.

Ride Where The Locals Ride
Ride Where The Locals Ride

It´s wonderful to ride through the forest, fly over obstacles (?), be in the middle of nowhere, feel the adrealine, fall, get up and go etc. In short, it is different from marathon biking, Enduro biking is more adventurous, specially here in nature park Los Alcornocales.

Because we want to get the best out of our full suspension mountain bike (these bikes are designed to rock and roll and go for adventure), I asked my bike buddy David, well known local Enduro Rider, to teach us.

This was so much fun, interesting and has given all of us more confidence, in just two days. That was our reason to offer the Enduro Clinic, that gives you the opportunity to learn with experts on unique location downhill techniques… secret spot.

After these two days, you have more control, more self-confidence and you want to go out to cycle more.

10 august 2015:
Soon more details about Enduro Clinics.

Guided Mountain Bike Tours In P.N. Los Alcornocales

Have fun out there.


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