Track and Trail all day in the mountains of Tarifa

Track and Trail all day in the mountains of Tarifa

Bike and ride, ride and bike, trail and track, track and trail all day in the mountains of Tarifa, in particular La Peña zone. Never a dull moment.
It’s one big kindergarten for enduro and downhill mountain bikers. The tracks are “feel our heart throbbing in the throat” shaped, give grip, opportunities, exciting, fast, very addictive and fun to ride. From trail to track to bike and ride in short sleeves enduro shirts, shorts, sunglasses, Tarifa is one big sunny bike adventure.

Playing in the mountain.
Playing in the mountain

When nature and passion combine, the unimaginable becomes reality.
Trailbuilder HNK1&2

What brand of full suspensión mountain bikes can we rent?
Canyon Nerve 6.0 (only with guide), Cannondale Habit, Specialized Enduro
Bikes to Rent in Tarifa

Can i bring my own bike?
Yes, best thing to do, for confidence and maximum fun. The local bike shops (SBT or AOS) have professional mechanics to help you in case of maintenance services, adjustments or repairs.

Do we need to book a guide if we like to ride in Tarifa?
To avoid losing time looking for the right tracks, it is advisable to go with a guide. You experience, cycle and sees more.
Prices Guided Tours

Have A Good Ride in Tarifa

Hotels In Tarifa

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