Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Designed For Woman.

If you want to have more fun in the mountains than a full suspension mountain bike is the best option.

Yes there is much difference between a male and a female bike frame. We have seen that studies shown that the geometry of women bicycles is quite different from that of the men. The difference of length, shorter arms / torso than men and the woman’s hand is smaller.

Ladies, things you need to consider when purchasing your very own mountain bike.

1. Geometry.
Choose a mountain bike that is designed specifically for women with the right geometry, like a shorter top tube and higher head tubes than men frames. These adjustments ensure namely a right posture and excellent handling.

2. Brakes.
Brake levers which are closer to the steering wheel. Persons with small hands will reach more easily the brakes, which gives more control and security.

3. Handles.
There are two types of handles, same model as the men only slightly narrower and thinner for optimum grip and control. The other model is made of soft gel with an ergonomically shaped body, a softer area below the ulnar nerve for more comfort during recreational or occasional use. Always grip!

4. Saddle.
There are different sizes and types of saddles designs. A saddle must have the correct width, for the ladies slightly wider than the men and its main task is to support the sit bones. It is relatively easy to measure the distance between your sit bones if take a piece of thick cardboard, sit on it and where the cardboard is pressed the deepest is your sitbone, now take the size between those points and you have your saddle size, men approx. between 9 till 14 cm and woman 9 till 15cm. The right saddle choice size is just as important as the frame, tires, set of gears or helmet. Remember each buttocks is different.

Also here the choice between a hard and soft saddles, the so-called gel saddles, they are used more as comfortable cycling in the countryside on weekends. While hard saddles provides much more control (confidence) and will feel better on long distances.

5 . Gloves.
Closed or open finger tops? We recommend wearing closed fingers gloves of thin ventilated material for more grip and useful / usable at any fall situations.

6 . Helmet… Ladies Model.
Do not save any money at the time of purchasing a helmet for your own safety, a helmet should be safe, fit properly and be comfortable. The helmets of 2014 are better than the models from before 2012, thanks to the introduction of grafene, an atomic-scale honeycomb lattice made of carbon atoms wich is one of the strongest and  lightest materials.

6. The choice?
Full suspension or Hardtail, Cross Country or Trail, All mountain or Freeride. If we have so much more fun on a full suspension why you should not take one, more control on descents, more fun and you can reach (unique) places where a hardtail is not in place.

The Best Full Suspension Ladies / Girls Mountain Bikes of 2014.

Cannondale Sexy Lexi
Cannondale Sexy Lexi

Specifications: http://www.cannondale.com/esp/catalog/category/view/s/lexi/id/993/

Orbea Occam H Serie 2014
Orbea Occam H Serie 2014

Specifications: http://www.orbea.com/es-es/bicicletas/occam-h50/

Scott Contessa Genius 700
Scott Contessa Genius 700

Specifications: http://www.scott-sports.com/global/es/products/234191008/bike-contessa-genius-700-l/

Specialized Safire
Specialized Safire

Specifications: http://www.specialized.com/es/es/bikes/mountain/safire

Trek Lush
Trek Lush

Specifications: http://www.trekbikes.com/us/en/bikes/mountain/cross_country/lush_29/

26 inch, 27.5 inch (650b) or 29 inch? = Wheelsize.

Body length < 1.60 cm. Best option 26. inch. for total control.

Body length 161 cm 172 cm. Choice between 26 inch or a 27.5 inch.

Body length 173 > Choice between 27.5 inch or 29 inch.

Better good control over a 26 or 27.5 inch than flapping and flipping around on a 29 inch. Buy a bike that meets your needs (not your friends). Ask yourself! Where do i bike the most? On what kind of terrain? What do i like to learn? Daily or Occasional use? But most importantly get a bike that fits you and test before you buy!


Where to buy and test in Tarifa. Authorized dealers https://mtbtarifa.com/mountain-bike-shops/

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