Personalized Painted Mountain Bike Handlebar

My personalized Painted Mountain Bike Handlebar

A day of rest does not exist for a mountain biker, we are always busy, the so called preparations for next ride or whatsoever.

Today was the day to customize my handlebar (limited space) in a Sharky Look, A tribute to my hero and inspiration Bethany Hamilton and all the other surfers who have survived a shark attack like recently Mick Fanning.

My Personalized Mountain Bike Handlebar
My Personalized Mountain Bike Handlebar

The design is inspired partly by Sharky Bruce

Bruce Shark Smile on Handlebar
Bruce Shark Smile on Handlebar

Do you own an original designed mountain bike handlebar, send us a picture and we will publish it right here.

Steps to follow:
Remove brakes, gears and handle
Clean the handlebar then light sanding
Again cleaning, tape, draw your design and cut out
Use a good spray, place the first layer and the second layer after 24 hours.
Tip: Focus your design on the front of the handlebar, No distractions!


Website of Bethany Hamilton

Shark Attack Mick Fanning

Español: Un homenaje a mi héroe e inspiración Bethany Hamilton y todos los otros surfistas que han sobrevivido a un ataque de tiburón como Mick Fanning recientemente.

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