No Ride No Working Brain

We Dutch start biking before walking, we love the bicycle, one of the greatest transport / sport inventions. Mountain biking is for me a daily activity, No Ride, No Working Brain, wake up, go for a walk with the dog (true friend and pathfinder, thank you), check and clean the track, remove loose stones and stinky cow shit (for safety and fun factor), get home do some exercise, have a breakfast, check the bike, call a friend (or not) and go for a ride.

My true best friend
My true best friend

Into the nature of Los Alcornocales, away from stress, just friend mountain bikers, hear the birds singing, bells ringing, stop to take some pictures (the perfect excuse to have a break), once on top of the mountain, this is So Unique of Tarifa, beautiful impressive breathtaking views over the strait of Gibraltar and African Continent. The perfect reward after a long climb, great feeling, satisfaction, peace, enjoyment and very inspiring, things i need to feed the brain, to do my job better than yesterday.

After Creating Tests
After Creating Tests

Tarifa is more than just biking in nature.


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