Mountain biking is the most popular activity to do on the Costa del Sol

Mountain biking is the most popular activity to do on the Costa del Sol. 

Costa del sol has more to offer than beautiful green golf courses and bustling ports. Nowadays the big tourist attraction of Costa del Sol are the mountains behind, a magnet to bikers and trail runners.

On one side of the N-340 you have all the luxery bling bling of famous Costa del Sol and on the other side of the highway the best part of Andalucia, white villages, mountains, singing birds, impressive views, clean air, tracks and trails, peace… The best of both worlds.

Escape the Madness
Escape the Madness

Mountain biking trails Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol is focused on tourism services and follow trends precisely, like they do now, where all responsible parties look the same direction to offer the mountain biker the best infrastructure.
Mountain bikers can expect well maintained tracks clearly marked and do not need to worry that they are being hunted or chased by a forester, one of the reasons why Costa del Sol gains popularity among holiday mountain bikers. No hassle just fun.

What kind of trails and tracks i can expect? What´s new?
Existing known XC trails are better marked, regularly serviced, absolute fantastic for marathon bikers and families to enjoy a nice bike ride in the nature. While local enduro mountain bikers and trail runners together with authorities have build amazing DH tracks, i mean legalized thrilling downhill and enduro tracks that you would like to ride over and over again.

Every weekend Mtb Tours on the Costa del Sol
Every weekend Mtb Tours on the Costas

The best and latest is not published, therefore we have made a list of mtb friends along the costa del sol, so you will experience the best of the south, they can help you with advice, recommendations, route maps, renting mountain bikes or guided tours.

Where to go, Who to contact!


Photograph Vultures during the bird biking tour in Tarifa
Photograph Vultures during the bike birding tour in Tarifa

Sierra de Grazalema y Sierra de las Nieves
Cycling in Ronda is enjoying voluntarily suffering and well known as International cycling training camp. You can ride (XC) a part of the famous 101 km mtb bike race to the beautiful town Setenil de las Bodegas, famous for it rocks overhang with restaurants underneat, nice experience, nice route and beautiful scenery. Andalucia on her best. Enduro en downhill bikers should check out Cortes de la frontera and Grazalema.

Guided mountain biking tours in Ronda
Cycle Ronda
Hike and Bike Holidays

The toughest mtb race in spain
La Legión 101 Km

Villa de Ojén, 15 minutes from Marbella
Villa de Ojén, 15 minutes from Marbella

Sierra de las Nieves
Villa de Ojén, behind Marbella, is one big enduro and downhill paradise, great trails. Best time to go is after the Big Ride Enduro Championships, held on 16 – 17 April 2016.
Beautiful Andalusian town in a valley, balconies with flowers, tapas bars, easy parking.

Guided Enduro Mountain biking in Ojén
Contact Aloha Bikes

Bike shop in Ojen
Aloha Bikes

Bike shops and guided tours in Marbella
Bike Marbella
King Cycle Shop
Marbella Bike

Sierra Bermeja.
The mountain behind Estepona and Marbella is one big massif peridotite rock rich in iron and platinum giving that special color and beautiful natural obstacles to conquer. Here you will find loads of xc trails and downhill tracks.

Guided mountain bike tours in Sierra Bermeja
Sierra Cycling

Enduro and Downhill biking
Enduro and Downhill biking

Sierra de Mijas
Great downhill tracks called Cantera, Cortafuegos and Repetidor (over and over again) on the Mijas pueblo side of the mountain. Take the exit of Restaurant El Higueron.
On the other side of the mountain, Benalmadena paradise, what can we say, just go there if Enduro or downhill mountain biking is your thing. The trails are absolute fantastic, fast, challenging, yeah, good spot to spend the day biking. Uplift with the teleférico.

Bike shops in Benalmadena
Bad Fish Pro Shop
Wild Bikes

Sierra de Malaga
No experiences to share, next trip next article. But these guys can help you.

Guided Mountain bike tours in Malaga
Switch backs
The Bike Schuttle
Bike Holiday Spain

Montecoche, Los Barrios en Los Alcornocales
Montecoche, Los Barrios en Los Alcornocales

Parque Natural Los Alcornocales, Los Barrios
Montecoche in los Barrios, next to San Roque, is a must ride route (XC), unique scenery, wild life, impressive views and a good start and finish point, Tapas bar restaurant El Frenazo

Mountain bike routes in Los Alcornocales
Centro Btt Los Alcornocales

Bike shop in Algeciras

Tarifa, views to Africa
Tarifa, views to Africa

Mountain Biking at the strait of Gibraltar, Tarifa
Tarifa has beautiful mountain and coastal XC trails and is the best kept secret in the bike world, variety of terrain, spectacular views to Africa, challenging, adventurous, pass by abandoned military camps and is definitely interesting place to visit. PN Los Alcornocales and City hall of Tarifa are working on a regulation for Enduro and downhill mountain bikers to fulfill demand.

Bike shops in Tarifa

MtbTarifa Mountain biking is a way of living
MtbTarifa Mountain biking is a way of living

All listed bike shops offer wide range of accessories, sales of new and second hand mountain bikes and do repairs. If you are interested to particpate in a  mtb tour, ask them about upcomming events, they are more up to date.

Have A Good Ride

Hotels in Tarifa Best Deal

VIDEO Ridiculator MTB Trail, Malaga.

VIDEO Mountain biking in Tarifa


  1. I am now living in this area and I have started video’ing all the sweet trails I am finding. If you want to see some the sweet trails, here is one.

    Great article as it has helped me to find trails.

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